Bullying Prevention

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At Powhatan Middle School we are:




Classroom Lessons

School counselors conduct classroom lessons and activities throughout the year that cover the three counseling domains: academic, personal-social, and career.  Specific lessons may include study skills, career exploration, bullying prevention, and character education.

Coordination & Consultation Services

The counseling department coordinates a variety of special programs within our school:  orientation, character education, peer mediation, scheduling, and placement of new students.  We are also responsible for coordinating SOL testing as well as report cards.

Counselors also serve as liaisons among various groups of people that are involved in student success.  In our efforts to meet the needs of all students, we work with teachers, administrators, parents or guardians, students, and community members.

Course Override Form

Enrollment Information

The following is a list of enrollment requirements that must be met in order for a student to be enrolled in Powhatan County Schools

  1. Proof of Residency - Must have 2 - one item of A or B AND One item of C or D/E.
    1. Lease Agreement or
    2. Deed to a home in Powhatan County AND
    3. Virginia Power/Southside Electric Bill or
    4. Telephone bill OR
    5. If you are living with someone in Powhatan County you must have a letter notarized stating that you and your child/children are living with them. That person must provide proof of residency in Powhatan County (lease or deed and an electric or phone bill). You, as the parent/guardian of the student being enrolled, must bring in a bill with your name and current Powhatan address on the bill within 60 days.
  2. Immunization records, including Hepatitis B
  3. Original Birth Certificate (natural parent must present a picture ID as well)
  4. Copy of most recent Report Card and SOL test scores (if coming from a VA school).
  5. Copy of I.E.P. or 504 Plan if the student has one from a previous school.
  6. Copy of Current Legal Custodial Documentation if applicable.
  7. A physical examination is required for any child entering public school in Virginia for the first time in grades K-6.

The vision and hearing of all transfer students will be screened.

School Entrance Health  Form Linked Here


In accordance with Powhatan County School Board Policy 6-27.1, parents have the option to limit or deny their child's participation in guidance programs. Should the choice to limit or opt-out be desired by parents, written notification must be provided to the school specifying the action desired. The notification may either be addressed to the school principal, the child's teacher, or to the school counselor.